vivenu's mission

We are on a mission to create a ticketing platform that puts ticket sellers first, so they’re empowered to create experiences that people love.

Your ticket, your way

You decide how you sell ...

We provide a hyper-flexible ticketing solution that can be fully customized and tailored to your specific needs and ideas.

The event industry is constantly evolving, and your customers demand more and more, year over year. With vivenu’s modulare ticketing solution, you are always on top of every trend and bring your best ideas to life – today, and tomorrow.

... and we ensure your brand is always center

You create magical experiences for your guests. And we provide you with full control so that your brand shines offline, and online.

Ticketing should empower event specialists to make more out of their brand, data, and guest engagement. That’s why vivenu is all about providing the most flexible ticketing solutions – to put you first, so that you can put your guests first.

The history of flexible ticketing

Follow vivenu's journey to becoming a global tech leader in ticketing.


It all started in a tiny office near Frankfurt, Germany. Our three co-founders, driven by a passion for tech and events, founded vivenu. It's mission: to modernize the ticketing industry.


We interviewed more than 1,400 event organizers and venues to understand their needs. Later that year, we launched our initial platform & successfully onboarded our first customers.


The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the world of events. Yet, we continued to enhance our offering on our path to building the best and most customer-centric ticketing solution.


vivenu secured $65 million in funding, fully committing those resources for continuous investments in our technology and accelerating our platform's evolution.


We expanded strategically by setting up an office and local expert teams in the U.S. and more offices in Europe. We grew our global team to more than 50 members.


With now a hundred team members, we launched more than 800 new upgrades to the platform. Our global footprint grew to more than 600 customers in over 40 countries.


Our commitment to growth remains unwavering as we serve an expanding roster of premier event and venue brands across different industries, regions, and use cases.

Our Values

How we operate every day

Our commitment is a reflection of our dedication to perpetual growth, collaborative strength, shared responsibility, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We aspire to support the live event industry with tech-leading tools.

  • Never stop growing

    Never stop growing

    Only continuous growth allows us to provide our clients with the unparalleled support they deserve and scalable technology that meets them where they are.

  • Stronger together

    Stronger together

    We focus on building real relationships with each other and our clients and letting everyone’s ideas help guide our development.

  • Responsible for ourselves and others

    Responsible for ourselves and others

    We hold ourselves and our team accountable to ensure no detail is overlooked, treating our clients' events as our own.

  • Strive for excellence

    Strive for excellence

    Excellence is the standard, not the goal. This dedication enables us to provide our clients with a powerful event ticketing solution that always exceeds expectations.

Coming to an event near you

We’re working around the world to create the best ticketing solution.

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    Offices around the world

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    Employees and growing

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    Countries served

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